It is worth noting that Egyptian Saudi Company from The largest LED bulb factories in Egypt, as the company owns huge production lines and has long experience in Production of LED bulbs In various models.

With its good reputation, the company has succeeded in gaining the trust of the Egyptian consumer over the years, which prompted the company to develop and diversify its products so that every customer can find what suits him at a price that suits him as well.

Interior lighting

Interior lighting

Egyptian Saudi Company does not seek to make money as much as it seeks to serve its customers and satisfy them with the product it provides. It is for everyone who wants to buy LED Bulbs of high quality with excellent lighting at an excellent price. Deal with the Egyptian Saudi Company to find everything you dream of.

Stages of manufacturing energy saving bulbs

The manufacturing of energy saving bulbs in the Egyptian Saudi Company is better LED Bulbs Company in Egypt in several important stages, except It is:

The first stage: This is the stage of manufacturing the electronic boards that are used to create the bulb, which is considered to be the conductor that converts the alternating current into a direct current, and is primarily responsible for saving energy consumption.

Manufacture of energy saving bulbs

Manufacture of energy saving lamps

The second stage: This is the process of manufacturing the model, which is an electronic board in which there is a group of light-emitting LEDs.

The third stage: This is the process of assembling the lamp parts, and this is done automatically using the best and most modern international production lines.

The fourth stage: This is the stage of measuring the bulb’s ability to withstand current frequencies.

The fifth stage: This is the stage of testing the light intensity of the lamp, which alone goes through more than one process to ensure the quality of each lamp and then wraps it automatically using the best and most modern packaging machines.

Smart light bulbs

Good lighting is one of the necessary things in every home, and it all started with regular bulbs and then was developed over the past years until we arrived at smart light bulbs, or known as smart bulbs.

We can turn it on and off using voice or motion commands, and it can be dimmed to suit each person’s desires.

Smart light bulbs provide very high efficiency in terms of energy consumption and easy and simple use via smartphones. They can also be set to work only when you need them, in addition to allowing you to control the strength and amount of lighting you need.
Now with the best smart light bulbs company, the Egyptian Saudi Company, you can get excellent lighting at the best and lowest price in Egypt.

The best LED strip production factories 2023

The Egyptian Saudi factory offers the largest LED strip factories in Egypt Two types of LED strips; The analog type and the digital type. The first type of LED strips contain LEDs connected in parallel and thus work like a huge tri-color LED.

You can also adjust the entire strip to any color you want, but it is difficult to control the colors of the LED strip individually, and this type of LED strip is characterized by being easy to use and low in cost.

Brightness of LED strips

LED strips continue to achieve better and brighter capabilities as a result of the continued improvement of LED technology. There are also strips with lower brightness. In many cases, we do not want very bright light, such as lighting inside shelves, for example.

The best lighting factory in Egypt

The best lighting factory in Egypt

There are many shapes and colors of LED strips, and the Egyptian Saudi Factory offers its customers a variety of individual colors and multi-colored strips (RGB).

Basic LED strip lights are individual colors that produce one constant color and are presented in: neutral white, warm white, cool white, green, blue, yellow, and violet.

LED bulbs are the best for health

LED bulbs have become one of the best smart technology solutions in lighting, whether in homes, offices, companies, factories, hospitals or… Malls, stores, roads, etc.; This is because it is an environmentally friendly product and is characterized by high quality and efficiency

It also does not contain any harmful elements in its manufacture, such as mercury or argon and kerton gases, which are considered essential elements in the production of ordinary lighting sources.

The largest saving bulb factories in Egypt

The largest saving bulb factories in Egypt

Therefore, LED bulbs are a major development from what was known as diodes used in the 1970s as small signal bulbs in low-voltage applications.

But now, after the increased need to preserve the environment and save energy, energy-saving bulbs have spread and become widely used, and after the great need for them recently, they have become one of the most important sources of lighting throughout the entire world.

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